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Disaster and Recover

Most businesses depend heavily on technology and automated systems, and their disruption for even a few days could cause severe financial loss and threaten survival. Because data availability is a top priority, the need for companies to compile a thorough disaster recovery plan is essential.

The continued operations of an organization depend on management's awareness of potential disasters, their ability to develop a plan to minimize disruptions of critical functions and the capability to recovery operations expediently and successfully.

A disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive statement of consistent actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster. The plan should be documented and tested to ensure the continuity of operations and availability of critical resources in the event of a disaster.

The primary objective of disaster recovery planning is to protect the organization in the event that all or part of its operations and/or computer services are rendered unusable. Preparedness is the key. The planning process should minimize the disruption of operations and ensure some level of organizational stability and an orderly recovery after a disaster.

Other objectives of disaster recovery planning include:

  • Providing a sense of security
  • Minimizing risk of delays
  • Guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems
  • Providing a standard for testing the plan
  • Minimizing decision-making during a disaster

Disaster recovery planning involves more than off-site storage or backup processing. Organizations should also develop written, comprehensive disaster recovery plans that address all the critical operations and functions of the business. The plan should include documented and tested procedures, which, if followed, will ensure the ongoing availability of critical resources and continuity of operations.

The probability of a disaster occurring in an organization is highly uncertain. A disaster plan, however, is similar to liability insurance: it provides a certain level of comfort in knowing that if a major catastrophe occurs, it will not result in financial disaster. Insurance alone is not adequate because it may not compensate for the incalculable loss of business during the interruption or the business that never returns.

Other reasons to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan include:

  • Minimizing potential economic loss
  • Decreasing potential exposures
  • Reducing the probability of occurrence
  • Reducing disruptions to operations
  • Ensuring organizational stability
  • Providing an orderly recovery
  • Minimizing insurance premiums
  • Reducing reliance on certain key individuals
  • Protecting the assets of the organization
  • Ensuring the safety of personnel and customers
  • Minimizing decision-making during a disastrous event
  • Minimizing legal liability
    RedBird Technology has extensive knowledge and experience in creating, implementing and testing a solid and effective disaster and recover plan for businesses. We will work you your top management personnel to design a recovery plan to ensure business continuity should a disaster occur.