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Centricity® Practice Solution (CPS) is an integrated system for clinical and financial management in medical organizations. The system offers a comprehensive suite of functionality for practice administration and electronic medical records (EMR). Because GE Healthcare has such a broad focus on systems for the entire continuum of healthcare services, CPS has a well-developed set of integrations with external systems throughout the healthcare community. CPS also integrates with a wide range of medical devices, medical imaging systems and other GE Healthcare products.

CPS is designed to offer powerful reporting on clinical outcomes. These reports are critical for benchmarking a practice to its peers nationally. Users of CPS are better prepared to participate in pay for performance medicine programs as a result.

CPS also offers particularly powerful interoperability. CPS offers Clinical Messenger to support communication with patients and other practices involved in a patient’s care. An interface engine supports the integration of CPS with third-party systems to share lab reports, billing data, clinical notes and related data.

Centricity Practice Management

  • Centricity® Practice Solution from GE Healthcare is a completely integrated clinical and financial management solution that helps you take care of the whole patient - from first visit to final reimbursement, and every point in between. It's a singular approach to a more efficient, high-quality practice combining with the power of Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR) from a trusted partner you can rely on to deliver it.
  • GE Centricity Practice Solution gives you a 360 - degree view of your patients. Schedule appointments, document care activities and automate billing processes - all with smart, easy tools that help you raise the bar on care quality and practice profitability.
  • GE Centricity Practice Solution is one of the only solutions available today that is certified by CCHIT and NCQA, giving you and your patients the assurance that the system meets recognized quality standards.

Centricity Practice Management is a robust, award-winning solution. It's designed specifically for small to mid-size physician offices and clinics, so it delivers exactly what your fast-paced office needs:

  • Best-in-class electronic data interchange (EDI) and automation capabilities to help you speed up the revenue cycle and increase productivity
  • Analytical reporting to identify trends and dynamics impacting your bottom line
  • Integration with Centricity EMR, GE's industry-leading electronic medical record

Centricity helps free your clinical staff so they can concentrate on providing quality patient care. It also helps your administrative staff focus on achieving the goals of positive cash flow, a thriving practice and satisfied patients. Proven nationwide in thousands of installations, Centricity Practice Management helps you manage the office your way.

Smoothly. Efficiently. Profitably.

With Centricity Practice Management, the right person gets the right information, at the right time and in the right place for enhanced efficiency and patient satisfaction.

  • Patient Web portal - Patients can request appointments, view and update contact information, and communicate with your staff.
  • Scheduling - A flexible, intuitive scheduler with "click and drag" and "copy and paste" functionality makes scheduling faster and easier. Scheduler has a wide visual, and can be customized for each user.
  • Registration - When patients arrive, information and forms are collected and entered electronically, making data such as insurance cards and referral letters readily available to the front desk and billing staff.
  • Patient tracking - Patient encounters are tracked in Centricity, with status cues alerting the staff to next steps required.
  • Billing - Charges are captured electronically through the EMR, and claims are sent and tracked using Centricity Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for proactive revenue cycle management.
  • Reporting - Take a closer look at profitability with advanced reporting modules.

Centricity EMR

Imagine being able to raise the bar on patient care safety and quality. And find the information you need - all in one place. With a partner who's an expert at helping you do both.

Relied on by more than 30,000 clinicians nationwide, Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR) from GE Healthcare is a proven ambulatory system providing a rapid return on investment.

With more than 20 years of successful implementations in settings ranging from solo practitioners to some of the nation's largest healthcare organizations, Centricity EMR is an established solution backed by GE's world-class service and support team.

Built with the information needs of clinicians in mind, Centricity EMR supports your efforts to:

  • Streamline patient visits
  • Increase the accuracy and completeness of documentation
  • Enhance patient care

GE offers a broad range of embedded clinical content, plus the flexibility to design your own encounter forms, add content, and adapt the program to suit the way you work best:

  • Intelligent decision support tools built into your workflow bring critical information right to the point of care, facilitating informed treatment decisions
  • Automatic reminders alert you to needed tests or procedures to proactively manage potential medical problems
  • Powerful E&M advisor assists with coding accuracy

How do you measure success?

Centricity EMR doesn't just help you streamline workflows, accelerate access to information, and improve care quality. It also tracks the data you need to prove that quality.

With Centricity EMR, patient information is tracked online across multiple points of contact within your organization. Clinical activities, medications, documentation and results - every critical detail of the patient record is available to the care team, when and where they need it.

The clinical content available in Centricity EMR can easily be customized to streamline both primary care and specialty practices, yet is also exceptional in providing a consistent clinical vocabulary across GE customers. This means you can compare "apples to apples" data within your clinic, throughout the enterprise or across the nation.

So Centricity EMR enables you to benchmark your clinical outcomes against nationally-accepted quality standards, follow disease and treatment trends, and maximize your success in a results-based reimbursement environment.

Centricity also allows you to work beyond the boundaries of your organization, opening connections between hospitals, practices, labs, imaging centers and even remote monitoring devices in the patient's home.

Patients on the go can stay better connected through a web portal that allows them to exchange secure messages with physicians, review their health history, renew prescriptions and more.

You provide faster, more convenient service that can increase patient satisfaction and attract new customers in a competitive environment.

Centricity EDI Services

Transform your revenue cycle process with Centricity EDI's proactive monitoring and automated check points throughout the claims process. You'll see fewer rejections, faster turnaround times and reduced days in accounts receivable.

  • Single electronic connection to over 1000 payers
  • Simplified, automated eligibility checking and claims processing
  • Detailed claims and remittance analyses
  • Web-based EDI Dashboard
  • Proactive identification of problematic insurance information
  • Efficient workflow assists in faster reimbursements

Additionally, our EDI services provide payer analyses through reporting and Web-based tracking so you can analyze transaction volumes, file and claim levels, rejection highlights and rejection details.

When you go digital with GE, you can rest assured, knowing you've partnered with a capable, financially stable company that shares your vision for healthcare transformation.

Throughout the past century, GE Healthcare has led many medical breakthroughs, including the recent creation of the first all-digital hospital.

GE is also a leader in Six Sigma methodologies that promote rapid implementation and world-class training, service and support.

With GE, you have a trusted partner you can rely on for the long term to help you turn information into insight - improving the healthcare you practice today, and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.